Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 mile run - check!

I did it.

I left work in my running clothes.

I said I'd be back in 45 minutes.

It was raining.

I did it!

3 miles done.

My legs were really heavy,

So I took a couple of walking breaks.

But it wasn't hard - just kind of slow.

Now, I'm wet.

And little cold.

But I'm proud!

One Month Results


So this morning are my one month results day of really watching what I'm eating and counting points on Weight Watchers. I'm am so very proud to announce I lost 9.6 pounds in a month! This is a big deal for a couple of reasons. One, it's 9.6 pounds. Two, I feel good about myself. I feel healthy. When I eat poorly (which I have a couple of times), I feel it. Three, I'm really understanding how my body responds to food. For example, if I don't have protein at lunch, I am exhausted in the afternoon.

Yes, I think I might be figuring it out!

As I'm training for the mini-marathon on May 8, my long runs are on the weekends. I pushed my weigh-in day up to Tuesdays because it felt better to have it closer to the weekends. Monday is a rest day for my body and I feel like my weigh-ins should be on a rest day. I don't know why.

So here's to the next month!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 miles. Done and done

Here I am at the end of my 5 miler. I met the family at Einstein. It's almost a perfect 5 mile route. I added on a few tenths at the end in order to have some walking time, but good route! That's Adelyn in front of me. She was excited to see me and race or not, it's always a pleasure to see my kiddos and hubby at the end of a run!

Man oh man it was hard this morning. Let me take that back. The first mile was hard. The second two were awesome (I stopped and took some great pictures along my way on Butler's campus, but my battery is charging at the moment...) and the last two I was exhausted. Lugging my body along felt so hard. I started to walk for a tenth of a mile and run for 2. It worked pretty well and I even had a couple of spurts of energy, but it was hard! However, I finished and felt great. I took a long nap this afternoon and was convinced I was going to be really sore when I woke up - but it wasn't so bad! Tomorrow I'll do some yoga and stay really on top of my weekly runs this week. I'm looking to do another 5 next weekend and maybe a 5k on Sunday with one of my students.

What A Pisser...

So yesterday, after my big, huge news celebration, I ate two pieces of pizza - and I'm afraid my stomach reacted in a crazy way! I went way over points yesterday, and the day before, but really? I"m doing the best I can. This morning, I"m gearing up for a 5-6 mile run. It'll be good. I'll walk some of it, run some of it, and plug through. My running buddies are all finking out on me, but I'll be ok. I just want to get it over with though! I'm waiting for the husband to wake up and then I"m off --- guess I just wanted to write to confess my eating yesterday. Confess - that's so negative - I wanted to write to "work through" my eating yesterday... I"ll be back later with a run update!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Success Story - Huge!

A huge part of my job is hosting people and making people love our school (which is impossible not to do because it's amazing!). Everyone who walks in the door wants to know more! Our enrollment is high for next year and things are good in that area!

Today, we had interns from Price, Waterhouse, and Cooper come to do a Financial Literacy workshop for our 4-7 grade. The kids loved it - and pizza was probably their favorite part! ME??? I HAD NONE! That's right, people I had none. I knew that if I started, I'd have several and that was bad. I had a big veggie sub and some fries (SOME - and it wasn't MANY pieces of pizza!) And I'm feeling so proud of myself!

Just wanted to share. It's a beautiful day out today and I'm getting ready to spend the evening with my family - watching movies and eating sushi. It couldn't be better.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

First day of week - awesome!

Ok, so I got this new notebook to start keeping track of my general thinking, food, points used, goals for each day. It took me just a couple of minutes to sit down yesterday and make my goals. I reflected on them today and felt pretty good about it!

Yesterday, I made a goal of only using 3-5 of my weekly points (the extra Weight Watchers Points they give you for each week). By the end of the day, I hadn't used any! Wednesdays, my staff meets for 2 hours after school. I am always tempted by the snacks, but kept is to celery and a handful of Tostitos yesterday. Awesome. Dinner was a hodge-podge at our house. The kids had leftover mac and cheese and a veggie burger, Ryan had two PB and J sandwiches on his mom's homemade bread, and I had a Morningstar Vegan Griller on an Arnold Sandwich Thin with a Laughing Cow Cheese. I also made some kale chips - my first ever - and dipped them in a little bit of honey mustard. They were really good! Kale stinks while you're cooking it but they tasted good. I was actually super filled up at the end of that meal. I wish I had pictures, but seriously, I have no time for all of that. Maybe someday...

I had made a goal to do an upper body weight workout and ab work yesterday. In my running class with my students - ranging from K-7 - we did the yogadownload.com yoga for runners. It was amazing - in so many ways. The 20 min. session was perfect for my students - and they listened. Really well. It was the coolest 20 minutes! This morning, I woke up sore. I'm not sure if it's because I"m having the busiest week ever, or if it's from the yoga, but it's a good kind of sore. It was so hard to wake up though! Plus, A1 and A2 ended up snuggling with me this morning and that is always the best!

Today, I have a short run scheduled with my students and a 3 miler scheduled with friends. The 3 miler has to happen - my training for the mini is lacking!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got it! Lesson learned!

Ok, so I had a horrible week. After my previous post, I really didn't do anything to fix my bad eating. And for no reason. Seriously. I had a couple of celebrations and I want to focus on that.

1) I went to a Big 10 basketball game on Sunday and didn't have a single snack. This is huge for me. I really heart nachos at sporting events.

2) I went to Noodles last night with the family and ordered a small Pad Thai. Small is not a word I typically use.

3) I took my students for a class I'm teaching on our first run yesterday. I love running with kids. And they love it too. As more happens with this class I'm teaching, I'll keep you posted.

HOWEVER, that was my only run this week and it was hardly a run. I was going to do 6 miles on Sat. morning and was all ready, but there was a layer of snow and honestly, with my feet issues I cannot risk that. Sunday mornings I am cashed out. This needs to change.

I have so many excuses.

This will be a better week. I"m going to run at least 3 times and do strength training twice. I like it. I should just do it!