Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got it! Lesson learned!

Ok, so I had a horrible week. After my previous post, I really didn't do anything to fix my bad eating. And for no reason. Seriously. I had a couple of celebrations and I want to focus on that.

1) I went to a Big 10 basketball game on Sunday and didn't have a single snack. This is huge for me. I really heart nachos at sporting events.

2) I went to Noodles last night with the family and ordered a small Pad Thai. Small is not a word I typically use.

3) I took my students for a class I'm teaching on our first run yesterday. I love running with kids. And they love it too. As more happens with this class I'm teaching, I'll keep you posted.

HOWEVER, that was my only run this week and it was hardly a run. I was going to do 6 miles on Sat. morning and was all ready, but there was a layer of snow and honestly, with my feet issues I cannot risk that. Sunday mornings I am cashed out. This needs to change.

I have so many excuses.

This will be a better week. I"m going to run at least 3 times and do strength training twice. I like it. I should just do it!

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  1. Each day is a chance to be better. I hope things will be better this week.