Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm obsessed and published :)

Two things to end the day for me (Ok, maybe three)

1)  I'm obsessed with Puffins.  Original and Peanut Butter are my favorites and mixing the two makes me even happier.  Put those together with some almond milk and I am a very happy girl...er woman. (As A1 would say, "You're a woman, Mommy.  Adelyn is a GIRL."  Today I had two bowls while I waited for Abel to wake up.

2) He's feeling a lot better.  He requested Nachos for dinner (I'm blogging while they eat.  Still very full from the Puffins) He slept for 5 hours this afternoon.  I had to wake him up to go get A2 at daycare!

3) Have you checked out Maria's I'm a Vegetarian series?  She's over at realfitmama.com and published my story today.  I saw her post on twitter and sent her my story while I was on break.  Check it out!

And the last good news is while I wasn't at school today, it was a great day.  Go figure!  I've heard from the other school leaders and they were really happy about today.  Sweet.  Cheers to the rest of the week being the same way!  5 days until my half!  Whoohooo!!!

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