Monday, January 10, 2011

An attempt to be back...

Ok, here goes again.  I'm struggling.  I'm still working really hard to find balance and be who I know I really am.  I don't know if it's two little kids, work, or what, but I've seen very little change with me.  My kids are growing and thriving.  My husband has a great new job that truly makes him happy.  Me?  I'm still just kind of muddling through.  Some days are incredible...other days, not so much.

SO, I'm working on being the new and improved me again!  This photo was taken this summer:

And this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago:

Yoga is truly a passion of mine.  I love it.  I love that in a workout, I concentrate so hard on breathing and poses that I forget about everything else.  I love that yoga MAKES you do that.  I've been doing hot yoga off and on - and bought a January pass at a decent deal.  Last week I went 3 times and I have 3 times scheduled this week.  Scheduling it is definitely key!

I'm also counting calories and doing Weight Watchers Points+ - I'm trying to see which one I think is easier.  I lost 2 pounds in week one - but have a tremendously long way to go.  Almost 100lbs to go.  That's a lot.

But doable.

I haven't run since October - I weigh so much and my body aches.  I'm signed up to do the mini-marathon again and I want to do it more than anything. But I truly worry about my hip and my legs.  Sounds like an excuse - what I really need to do is just freaking do it.

I've begun creating a workout plan beyond the yoga, and I'm going to follow it and do it.

And I'm going to stick with it.

Because I know I can, and because I know who I really am...

and because this:

Is something worth being completely happy for!

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