Sunday, December 27, 2009

A rough few weeks

This morning, I went for a two mile run. My first in quite a while. I felt pretty good. I took off too fast, but eventually I found my pace and pretty easily made it for the two miles. While I ran, I thought about my plan of attack. Slowly, but surely, I'm realizing how good I feel when I eat well and exercise regularly. I do not want to create resolutions - maybe more like plan of attack. I'm turning 35 in 2010. I"m hitting the second half of my 30s and want to feel better than I ever have before. I have been under a lot of stress at work lately and am really looking for balance and happiness. I haven't been focusing on eating, I haven't been putting emphasis on exercise, and you can tell. I'm tired, my face is a zitty mess, and I feel like a slug. I have a family and important job, people! I can't feel sluggish!

I felt proud this morning after my run. That feeling of pride, in my opinion, should trump any other feeling of stress or unhappiness I have. So, although this isn't my "Goals 2010" post, I would definitely say that one of my goals is to feel proud more often - and furthermore, acknowledge that pride!

We are visiting family for the next couple of days. When we get back, I'll do my Goals 2010 post - OH and I got a Canon Powershot for Christmas! Perfect to carry along with me on my runs! :) (Of course I forgot this morning - I will tomorrow for sure!)


  1. Congrats on getting in some exercise! =D I'm not going to do Resolutions this year too. I'm doing something a bit different.


  2. Good job on getting in a run. For me, that first run back after a few weeks off is so daunting. I really dread it, so good for you for getting out there and doing it!