Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Things to be grateful for!

Even though I haven't been blogging long and don't have many posts on this, I thought I would do a quick 2009 things to be grateful for post. This afternoon, my family and I were driving around doing errands and everyone was in a bad mood. Work is incredibly hard for me right now, my 3 year old is being a real pill, I haven't been feeling well for a week (a cough that I refer to as my stress cough will NOT go away!), and because of all of this, haven't slept well at all.

SOOOO, my beautiful husband said we should think about things for which we are grateful from 2009...and I think I might have some pictures to go along!

We took some great trips! Over spring, I went on a work trip with my hubby to San Diego. We had a great time. It was our first time away from the kids and it just felt great to be alone with him. We did some awesome things on this trip, but I didn't take many pictures. The best one I have is at a Padres game. I am a big baseball fan and have this not so secret dream to attend every major league ball park in the US. This stadium was a great one!

We also went to Santa Fe as a family. My parents have a house out there. We went over the summer and had a blast. We had picnics, ate great food, swam, relaxed, was awesome!

We also took a couple of trips to Chicago. One in the fall as a getaway for just the four of us:

And again in December as our annual trip to celebrate Christmas. We go every year, do some regular traditions, and see lots of family. It's a great time.

In June, I completed the hardest year of teaching IN MY LIFE, and in August, I started year two in a different position, and in a MUCH smoother way. (This is just something to acknowledge - I don't really have pictures of this) :)

I ran/walked two races. In October, I did a 5K with two of my friends. My time was 38 minutes and I was just so happy to complete my first race in 5 years.

With the BEST cheering squad EVER!

In November, I did the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. 4.5 miles in a little over an hour. Again, I was just so proud and LOVED the fact I started my holiday weekend with this race!

In May, we celebrated our baby girl turning one,

And in November, we celebrated our baby boy turning three.

So no matter what, really, could I be any luckier? I have yet to set my goals for 2010 - I have a couple of ideas and am ALMOST ready to go public with them, but for now and tonight, I'm going to celebrate a year that was, in all, a very successful year!


  1. Your 2009 was so wonderful! You were surrounded by a very supportive family. I hope you and your family will have healthy and wonderful 2010.

  2. Lots of fun trips and a beautiful family--sounds like a great year. :)

    I'm looking forward to reading your 2010 goals!