Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If you don't want to take a picture of it, don't eat it!

Last night was gymnastics night at our house. We leave work a bit early, pick up the kids and take them to gymnastics. A1 is in his own class and A2 is in a parent/tot class. They workout at the same gym I went to as a kid before my family moved to Chicago (once upon a time, teachermama was a pretty good gymnast...maybe another time I'll get into that...)

After gymnastics, we go out to dinner. Gymnastics ends at 6 and by then the kids are starving - even if they've had a snack on the way! We often go to Subway which is great - I can get a veggie sub and baked chips and not feel even remotely bad about myself. I can even snack on the kids stuff and not feel bad (I have a TERRIBLE time keeping my hands out of their food. I'm working on it!)

Last night, Ryan and I were not feeling Subway. It was all A1 wanted, but we convinced him to go to McAlisters. This is a place I don't love, but it has more options - however, for a vegetarian, the options are slim. Salad does nothing for me. I had veggie chili for lunch and really didn't want it again....so I opted for a cheese pizza. They are thin crust and good. Then, while I was sitting there, I thought about taking a picture of my food. I thought that I might be embarrassed of taking a picture of my cheese pizza. For someone who SAYS they are trying to be healthy, I shouldn't be ordering cheese pizzas. :) So THIS is what my plate looked like:

Yippee for me!!! I am my own superhero!!! I was quite proud! The sandwich was delicious, and I only used a little bit of the ranch dressing (so nice it came on the side!) I nibbled a little bit on the kids' stuff (those are A2's nachos in the background, she likes to "dip" stuff!), but felt really good about my choices....maybe this food blogging thing is worth it ---although hubby did get a little annoyed I was taking a picture of my food while the kids were both crying and whining..... Hey, I'll figure it out!

Cheers to a great day! My day started with another incredible bowl of oatmeal - yum, yum, yum!


  1. Trying to eat healthy while eating out can be such a challenge. Good job!

  2. P.S. I signed up for the mini!!! :)

  3. Is that a panini? That looks so pretty and delicious. I wish I could have one of those right now...