Monday, November 30, 2009

Morning Breakfast

Since I started reading all of these wonderful food blogs: Eat, Live, Run, Healthy Tipping Point, Meganerdruns, Oh She Glows, Kath Eats, Food Fitness Fashion, Carrots N Cake, N Her Shoes (and others - but I only have so much time!) I've started embracing the oats. These fabulous women have bowls of oats in the morning that blow me away - and I've been emulating for about a month now!

This weekend, after my Drumstick Dash, Ryan (my husband) asked me how I felt compared to the 5K I did in October. I told him I felt great. He asked why since I hadn't been running like I wanted - I told him I thought it was because of the fact I've been eating healthier and making healthier choices. I generally have more energy.

The beautiful ladies mentioned above, as well as mizfit have gotten me to really think about how to LIVE. How to make food and exercise choices and LIVE. How to eat clean and LIVE. How to enjoy healthy food and LIVE. How to complete a run and LIVE. I'm so doing that!

I LOVE how these beautiful ladies blog about their food and food choices. I'm going to TRY. Keeping in mind I'm a mother of two and a school leader - I only have so much time in the I'm REALLY long-winded :)

So, here's breakfast. My oats - how I love thee. I literally get excited thinking about oats and what I'm putting in them. I eat at school before I teach my little math class and everyone looks to see what's in them. Nobody understands how good they are and how long they keep me FULL!

In my oats today:
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
1/2 cup water
Half a Banana
1/4 cup pumpkin granola
Tablespoon of Almond Butter
A smattering of chocolate chips

And a Diet Coke (she says as she recoils from the aforementioned foodies...A BIG goal is to rid myself of my Diet Coke habit. I have one or two a day, it could be worse, but I shouldn't drink it. Nothing good or healthy about it - except it completes me :)

Cheers to a great day!!!


  1. Talk to me about Almond milk. I WANT to try it--but I'm terrified! Not sure why but I am. I don't like regular milk so why would I like Almond milk??

    Where do you get the Almond butter?

    BTW, I got off diet coke last year--it's been over a year. Now, I can't stand the stuff! I can drink coke zero but I don't HAVE to have it like I did with diet coke. I quit cold turkey...on Halloween last year I had FOUR of them...the next day I gave it up and haven't looked back. Now I drink water 97% of the time. You won't regret it, I promise.

    I'd love to get together sometime and meet you! I know life is crazy busy.

  2. I started eating oats for a while. But then work got the best of me and I no longer found the time to cook them. I hope to get back to eating it. I will do it real soon. Promise!

    And you just gave me an idea! Maybe I should also start blogging about my health and fitness journey. The support of the online community is amazing!

    @Amanda I know the question is not directed at me but I hope it's okay if I answer. Almond milk is basically milk made from almonds put in a blender and then strained with cheese cloth or something similar. It's so creamy and delicious! The almond taste is so subtle that you can put in cereal. Like you, I don't like regular milk. I only drink non-fat and only to get calcium. Almond milk is very different from regular milk. It's creamy without being too sweet. Doesn't make me gag. Hope that helps....

    Another thing you could try is rice milk. It's also good. Get one that isn't grainy. It's very light and has a delicate taste.


  3. I just found your blog through a tweet posted by Caitlin... these blogs also gave me the same inspiration that they gave you! Great job on your blog and your runs :) :)