Monday, November 16, 2009

Whittle My Middle

The kids' sickness is OVER! Yay! I haven't run in a week. No excuses, but I will be running tomorrow!

I've been reading about Whittle My Middle on various sites. Different people are doing it everywhere (or so I've read on their blogs!). Ryan, Abel and I did our 6 exercises tonight. We ruled. I'm planning on doing it everyday. I didn't start with measurements, but I did set a goal to lose two pounds a week goal starting today. I have a graph and everything.

I started my day with a green monster, had oatmeal and nut butter in the middle of the day, hummus and veggies mid afternoon, and went out to eat at Binkley's (not an awesome meal but not too bad) at the end of the day. I'm not feeling bad about my choices at dinner, but wish we would have been at home. My hubby LOVES to eat out. So do I - but the kids were tired and right now, at this point in my experience, it's hard to make the right choices when I'm out to eat. If I'm feeling really good when I'm at a "pub" type place, I get a house salad, dressing on the side, and a baked potato. Tonight, I ate half a 10" pizza - sharing one piece with A2. 4 small pieces. Could have been worse. Once upon a time, I would have eaten the whole thing!

So, just wanted to share my Whittle My Middle start - cheers to the next 29 days! :)

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