Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sitting here...

My kids are sick. They are always sick. They are kids who are in daycare and there is always some kind of an issue. It really wears me down having to figure out who's staying home from work, and how to work it out...I love my kids and love being able to be home. However, when I'm home and out of my routine, I get really bummed out. Routine is really important to me.

Tuesday nights have become one of my nights to run. Tonight, my hubby worked late and I was home all day with A2. I usually run between 5 and 6 so it's just before it's really dark and I still have time with the kids when I'm done. Tonight I'm out of my routine. Therefore, I'm sitting here, having not exercised, eaten pretty horribly all day, and not running. I could drive to the Y and run on the treadmill, but that's just not natural to me (excuse!?!?) I could just go run in the dark - but I'm slightly weary of that (excuse!?!?!).

Tomorrow is a new day. I have already packed all kinds of goodness for my lunch and will conquer after school snacks at our regular Wed. meetings. But for now. I'm blue. Let this be a learning experience...geez - I'm 34 how many more of those am I going to have to have before I get it???

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  1. I don't belong to a gym (too much $$$) so my only option is to run outside. I'm with you--I'm VERY leery of running outside in the dark. Even if I get in the car and drive to the (very well lit) park, I still don't want to run in the dark.

    I hear you on routines too. I love a routine. I have a routine for certain days through the week and some weeks when they get thrown off, it's not pretty!

    We are also losing daylight a lot earlier now too...before long it will be pitch black at 5:00. :( I hope the kids feel better! I completely understand the sick kid and daycare thing. But you know what? My DS1 had a rough first 2 years with illness after illness...he's been going to kindergarten and hasn't been sick yet (yes, I am knocking on wood!). I think it's good for them to get all those sickies out when they are young. Hang in there!!!