Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Run

Yesterday I went for a run with the whole family. It was A1's third birthday (my kids are Abel, 3 and Adelyn 1 1/2 - we refer to them as A1 and A2). We had a breakfast out, went to the store, and came home for a run. I forced Ryan (the husband) to go with me too - even though he wasn't feeling well. We did a loop through Butler University's (we live in Indianapolis) campus and it turned out to be 4 miles exactly. We completed it in 49 minutes - walking off and on just a bit. I ran the first 1.5 miles and felt great. I had a really hard time getting started again after I stopped and walked for a bit. I sometimes can't help but to wonder if I really need to be walking. I'm panting like crazy in my runs, so feel like I should stop to give myself a break, but also wonder if that's really necessary. I'll keep experimenting and see!

My eating this weekend (like MOST weekends) was really horrible. I need a great deal of work on weekend eating. Once I get that down, I know weight will fall off. It being A1's birthday, I think my mind decided to say so be it. That is a horrible obstacle for me!

This morning I loaded myself with oats, pumpkin, a tablespoon of almond butter, and a tablespoon of Trader Joe's chocolate chips. I LOVE this breakfast!

Cheers to an amazing day!

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  1. HEY THERE!!!!!!!!

    I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Good to 'see' you again! :)

    I was going to run the mini in May. :( I've walked it before but this time I wanted to run it. I start physical therapy on Thursday (I don't need surgery-YAY!) so we'll see what they say. I can still feel the instability in the injury so I won't be running anytime soon. I'm so ready to get back to running. I was really starting to enjoy it. There is another half marathon in the fall in Evansville (where I am from) and I found out that there is another one in Indy in the fall next year too. I would LOVE to do 2 or more next year. I was going to do the turkey day run too this year. I had so many plans.

    Needless to say, my eating has not been good since I can't exercise. WE can do this!!! I think you look FANTASTIC in your picture up there! Way to go! :)