Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even though...

This morning was horrible. My kids are both sick again, it's near impossible for me to stay home with them, my husband had to teach today (he's a college professor), and I just feel horrible about that all the time.

I was in a complete tizzy this morning, ended up having a total meltdown, and was completely unprofessional at work (although nobody else seems to think that...)

I came home right after school and skipped a meeting I was supposed to present at because my sweet mom, who came over to watch the kids, needed to be somewhere at 4.

I was exhausted.

And moody.

And my head was throbbing.

I sat in the dining room for a little while by myself and thought about how sorry I feel for myself.

Then, my sweet hubby came home and started making suggestions of things I could do - one of them was run, which I didn't do yesterday for many of same aforementioned reasons.

So I just did it. I quickly got dressed and went for a run - and here it is:

I'm still not in a great mood - in fact, while I was running I was imagining taking a picture of myself flipping off the camera.

But I didn't.

And when I go to bed tonight, I will be grateful for a few things:

1) The support of people at work
2) The fact that even though my day sucked, the learning that occurred in my classroom was actually quite good
3) My husband who honestly puts up with a lot
4) The fact that I did it! I went for the run!


  1. Girl--you ROCK!!!! You're awesome...seriously completely awesome. I WISH I could run an 11 minute mile! I'm not there...yet...but you give me HOPE!!! :)

    I've had one of those MONTHS with sick kids. I completely understand your pain! :( It sucks, doesn't it??

  2. What a day! Good for you for getting in a great run despite all the added stress.

  3. I hope your kids get well. It's good that you did something for yourself despite the busy schedule.