Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm still here!

My life, since I've gone back to school, is really unbelievable. Today on my run (see post below), I realized that since I've been off for my two week break, quite a few things happened:

1) I hosted our staff party. Not a huge deal, but makes your mind work hard for sure!
2) Our house got broken into - while we were home. (Horrible night. Everything is fine, nothing was taken but man was it scary! We now have a dog and alarm system)
3) We had to ask someone to resign at work. Asking teachers to resign in the middle of the year is a really hard decision to make. It simply wasn't working and if our school is going to work, we need teachers who are truly dedicated to it. This decision and the aftermath wore on my mind quite a bit over break.
4) Celebrated the holidays (thank God we didn't travel!)
5) It ended up being decided that I would take over the teacher's position until we found the best possible person. COMPLETE job switch in the middle of the school year! I've been teaching for 13 year and know what I'm doing, but still it took me quite a bit of time to adjust (like the past two weeks)
6) I am now writing progress reports for kids I taught for 2 weeks. That's next to impossible. I am seriously in progress report hell.

Last night I was exhausted. I barely remember going to bed. BUT, today was a great day. I went for a great run, ate great meals with my family, took a nap, and Ryan organized every single toy and book in the house. AWESOME! There are a few posts below. Enjoy!


  1. Wow--I can't believe the past few weeks you've had. How scary about the break in! I'm so glad you all were alright. Glad you're adjusting to your new class.

  2. Wow! Hectic life you have there! I hope you're taking time to rest and pamper yourself....