Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Monster Lovin'

In an effort to obtain my goals for Jan., I bought a huge thing of spinach at Costco. I have loved some seriously good green monsters and have been adding Amazing Meal to all of them. They are soooooooo good. If I use chocolate Amazing Meal, I add nut butter and substitute the whole thing for my breakfast. If I use regular or fruity amazing meal, I just use frozen fruit and have something else for breakfast later. :) Yuuuuummmmmy! I also got the family are some pics to document :)

First I had Ryan try them. He was pleasantly surprised! He's trying to embrace my healthy eating and vegetarianism. It's hard for him but he said this week he's eaten better this week than in a long time!

We toasted our Green Monsters.

Abel was going crazy because he wanted to try one too! I gave him some sips. There is kids Amazing Meal as well...I don't know how it's different - maybe I'll look into that! My kids are pretty decent eaters and will try almost anything!

This past week my green monster drinking wasn't as good. I had a seriously upset belly. I'm almost 100% back though!

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  1. Green Monsters seem like so much fun to make and drink. I seriously need to start thinking about incorporating them in my diet.