Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short But Sweet (in so many ways!)

I did a sweet run last night. No picture - and here's why.

I found a SWEET deal on a Garmin 305 on Amazon. SWEET deal. So, I bought it. I couldn't get the damn thing to go last night. I was having a crazy hard time setting it and the direction manual was NOT helping me. I went running with someone new last night and was rushing around - so didn't even get my Nike+ going.

BUT - my newest running partner is a speed demon! She would have slowed up for me no problem, but I went ahead and we just went. Since I don't have a time (BUMMER!) I can't confirm this. I didn't really even look at the clock before we left. HOWEVER, I know we went faster than usual. I felt AMAZING afterwards. But I'm SORE today!

Hmm could I CAPITALIZE anymore words?

My knees are also bothering me, but I iced them last night using the Walgreens ice packs - because The Biggest Loser told me too - and it worked really well. My left foot is also sore - I have a history of tendonitis in that foot, so I'll have to keep a watch on that!

But I still felt GREAT! Taking a day off tonight and running again tomorrow :)


  1. I love running with people a little faster than me. Sounds like a fantastic run.

    Yay for the new Garmin! I saw that good deal on Amazon and wish I'd told my parents to wait until after Christmas to get it for me because they paid way too much.

    Glad you are feeling so great! :)

  2. I can't run at a faster pace without building to it. I always feel short of breath and like I'm dying. I can increase my time in the meantime, though. But I need to gradually increase my speed.