Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haven't Run in Forever...

We got a bunch of snow. Not anything like when we lived in Wisconsin, but enough that if sidewalks weren't shoveled, it was going to be impossible to run. Plus I swear Central Indiana shuts down when it snows half an inch! I could have gone to the Y - we put our membership on hold and I would have to I really HATE running on the treadmill - it just wasn't happening. I LOVE snow - but when you need to be running, snow isn't such a great thing!

The best part about snow! THIS!

We took the kids sledding last weekend with my brother. They loved it but they got cooooooold! Look at Adelyn's sweet face!

However, in the end, sledding is quite the workout - especially on a pretty long, steep hill! I definitely felt like I had worked out at the end of that afternoon!


  1. Seeing those pictures make me miss living somewhere it snows! Adelyn is so cute!

  2. I want to experience snow! I am so jealous. But I think I'll freeze to death. I'm so used to the tropical sun.... It's wonderful how you had a lot of fun!